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About North Star Metals

Manufacturers of Metal Roofing and Siding

Established in 1994, North Star Metals manufactures metal roofing, siding and components for the agricultural, architectural, industrial and residential markets. North Star utilizes state-of-the-art, roll-forming and folding equipment to produce consistently top-quality panels and trims exactly to order. A large selection of roll-formed panel and trim is available, and CNC folding capabilities allow North Star to satisfy any custom panel or trim requirements, including matching discontinued and hard to find panels.


North Star's courteous and well trained sales staff is committed to providing professional service with a personal touch. With specially tailored CAD programs at their disposal, our sales team can accurately perform blueprint take-off dimensioning for even the most complicated of cladding projects.

North Star Metals can cut panel to the inch from a single inch to 53 feet. Panels are stacked into bundles and then covered with a waterproof membrane. This semi-open package helps to ensure that the panels are not trapped inside a humid, moisture-rich environment during transport and after delivery. At this point, in the case that a jobsite requires rolloff due to lack of uploading equipment, the panels are securely steel banded, then loaded onto custom designed roll-off trailers. This enables simple and easy delivery to any site by tilting the trailer deck and driving out from under the load, letting the bunk come safely to rest on Styrofoam blocking with a drop of no more than six inches.

For non-rolloff packages, the covered panels are steel banded to wood blocking with laminate cardboard corners under the banding to protect the panels. This forms an easily maneuverable package that supports the panels during shipping and suspends them over their enviroment, ensuring the panels are not in contact with any damp surfaces even after delivery. This type of packaging can be delivered to forklift equipped jobsites via highly maneuverable and cost effective 32 ft. gooseneck trailers. For loads of significan weight or requiring extended length support, 48 ft. semi trailers that are equipped with unloading cranes of available.

North Star owns and maintains its delivery fleet, ensuring rapid and professional transport with competent and skilled operators capable of delivering to the most demanding of job sites. Late model transport vehicles, equipped with GPS navigation as well as custom designed trailers and unloading equipment provide reliable delivery to even the most remote job sites.

We offer superior metal roofing and siding products backed by some of the best warranties in the business to help you build strong, beautiful buildings! And, your order is cut to the inch while you wait and carefully wrapped and bundled for added protection.