The colors shown will not be an exact representation of the colors North Star offers due to variations in computer monitors. Click on colors below to see larger image. * Denotes Energy Star approved color.

Weather XL

Choose from 18 different colors

Five Star is available in 18 popular colors. Our Weather XL paint system by Valspar uses a new silicone protected polyester coil coating system. The topcoat uses ceramic and inorganic pigments and features Cool Chemistry ™ Series Pigments for superior color stability, gloss retention, and optimum solar reflectance. This highly durable two-coat system rivals that of the Kynar ® 500 or Hylar ® 5000 coatings, while offering improved hardness. This means that your Five Star panel will also have superior resistance to moisture and UV, excellent flexibilty, and abrasion resistance.

Five Star Panel features:

18 High-gloss silicone protected colors that provide up to 70% reflection of the sun's rays.

Superior abrasion and scratch resistance

Minimizes chalking and fading by resisting the detrimental effects of the sun's UV rays, rain humidity and

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Residential energy tax credit of up to $500 for Energy Star Qualified colors.