Five Star Panel Features

Panel Geometry

This panel supports five major ribs with minor stiffener ribs added for improve rigidity and aesthetics. Because of the panel's 38" width and 36" coverage, the Five Star Panel overlaps one rib of the preceding panel for a weather tight seal. One of the most important features of this seal is the Anti-Siphon Cavity in the purlin bearing rib. This prevents capillary action from transferring water to the underside of the panel. This is accomplished by breaking the surface tension that draws water between objects while providing a channel for the water to drain out.

Pre-Heated Roll-Forming

In order to enhance the lifespan of our product, North Star Metals exploits the benefits of pre-heating all roll-formed panels. Pre-heating increases the elasticity of not only the paint and primer, but the zinc alloys in the galvanic coating as well. This increase in elasticity allows coatings to maintain uniform adhesion throughout the roll-forming process. Having found the perfect temperature for roll forming, North Star is able to produce panels that are drastically less susceptible to micro-crazing and the inherent corrosion.

This product is covered by a Five Star Limited-Lifetime Warranty.

Available Five Star Panels

  • Description

  • Type
  • Painted

    29 Gauge

    Weather XL

  • Bare

    29 Gauge

    AZ-55 Galvalume

    25 Year

  • Liner

    29 Gauge



Call for 26 gauge & Secondary Galvalume or Painted Panels

Uniform Load Capacity in Pounds Per Square Foot for 29 Gauge Panels

  • Span (Ft.)
    Live Load
  • 2



  • 2.6



  • 3.0



  1. Maximum allowable loads shown are based upon a continuous three span sheet application
  2. Calculated in accordance with the 1996 AISI Cold Formed Steel Design Manual.
  3. Maximum allowable loads for wind have increased by 33%
  4. Allowable deflection loads are limited by a maximum deflection ration of L/180 of span.
  5. North Star Metals Mfg. Co. reserves the right to change product specifications with out notice.